Honda Cars in Paraguay

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Honda Cars in Paraguay

Honda is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturing company that is headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The company was founded in October 1946 and incorporated on 24th September 1948. Besides cars, it is also well known for motorcycles and power equipment. Along with automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment, Honda also manufactures marine engines, garden equipment, personal watercraft, power generators, and other products. Honda holds 3rd position in the global automobile market based on market shares that it holds. Since 1959, Honda was the largest motorcycle manufacturer, while in 2001, it holds 2nd it became 2nd largest Japanese automobile manufacturer. In 2015, Honda had 8th position in the world's largest automobile manufacturer. Rankings change with time, but Honda is always ranked among the top ten automobile manufacturers due to its products and customer trust. Honda has many slogans out of which the most popular is "The Power of Dreams," "First man, then the machine," "Technology you can enjoy," and "It must be love." But the most identifiable Honda's slogan is "The Power of Dreams," which makes you familiar with the main aim of the brand. Slogan shows that the company launches new technologies with the power to fulfill the dreams. While buying a car, safety is the essential feature, and Honda sets this feature on priority. Honda always launches its new versions with smart safety features that become the reason for car users to fall in love with Honda cars. Now Honda has become a well-known automobile brand because of producing various vehicles that have proved to contain excellent safety features after passing road accident tests. Out of many Honda models, the best known are Brio, City, Civic, e, Fit/Jazz/Life, Accord, Amaze, Clarity, Crider, Envix, Insight, Legend, Elysion, Freed, Jade, Mobilio, CR-V, and many more. All these models, including the Hybrid cars of Honda, are doing very well in the automobile market. Honda Civic is the most popular vehicle of this brand. The price of Honda vehicles ranges widely. The features of its vehicles honestly clarify the price it demands. Honda is best known because of its most reliable features along with an affordable price range. You can also check out other brand's prices and specs. By using our site's comparing feature, you can choose the best vehicle.